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I CURRENTLY teach both printmaking and art practice management ALONGSIDE MY JOB AS A CREATIVE DIRECTOR IN OUR LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE PRACTICE. i am currently the chair of  BELFAST PRINT WORKSHOP, which while it is a voluntary role, comes with significant responsibility and challenge. tHESE ROLES, WHILE DEMANDING, COMPLIMENT EACH OTHER greatly, together BUILDing WHAT HAS BECOME FOR ME A SUSTAINABLE CREATIVE CAREER.

Printmaking workshops, I demonstrate basic print techniques on both paper and textiles. In non covid times I taught these classes weekly in schools and arts venues for all ages, I will resume this in virus free times ahead, I have missed these classes hugely. I absolutely love delivering them, everyone that attends discovers a love of print which is magical to witness. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see some images and descriptions of printmaking classes.

Art practice management workshops cover topics such as: 

  • a practical guide to becoming self employed (VAT, TAX, insurances)

  • time management as a creative (Because creative lives are different to other lives)

  • pricing your work

  • wholesaling 

  • how to write and issue a press release

  • organisational management 

  • copyright - i've learned this lesson the hard way! 

  • and many more - I teach these workshops for both small groups and one to one. I have delivered these on behalf of publicly funded business development organisations like, Craftni, Create Innovate Armagh, The Education Authority and directly with individual people just looking for very honest and practical guidance when they've hit stumbling blocks on their creative journey. I am currently working with Future Foundations and  Queens University on their mentoring panel. I've been working in the creative industries since 1999, i've learned a lot and understand things now that I should have known at the beginning. If you'd like to chat to me about anything to do with your creative journey, or you'd like me to host a group session, just send me an email and we can talk through your ideas. 

Facilitation, I have been in business for over twenty years, I have a B.A. in Management and an M.A. in Arts Management, I have held a role as a partner in our landscape architecture practice ( throughout, and several trustee/board director roles, currently at Belfast Print Workshop, as well as M.D. in my own retail businesses. If you need facilitation of a strategy meeting or are taking a new step in your business, I may be able to help with identifying outcomes and planning routes to achieve them. Send me an email, lets chat.

I teach printmaking

Classes for

All Ages.


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If you'd like to book me for your community group or educational setting email me to talk your ideas through

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