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I'm René Mullin, an Irish printmaker, illustrator, author  and educator.


I am a selected Design Ireland member, a Visual Artists Ireland professional registered artist, an illustrator, a printmaker & member at Belfast Print Workshop. My first picture book was published over ten years ago (Aibítir, 2013), I really want to get round publishing book number 2! I am supported by the Arts Council NI, Design and Crafts Council Ireland via both financial and business directory membership and support. I work a lot with Irish linen and only that produced within the Irish Linen Guild approved production network.

I work across a few areas of the visual arts, a significant part of my work recently has been sharing my knowledge base. At this site you can read all about the classes, courses and sessions I offer. Currently available for 2023 are business training courses or a one-to-one mentoring session which you can book by clicking the booking page on the menu above. When I have any of my print work available it is for sale in the shop. To book printmaking classes with me, you are best to send me an email with your contact details so we can talk through the process.  


For regular updates you can follow me on instagram or if you would like more detailed insight and chat you can subscribe here and I'll add you to the quarterly newsletter. 

Thanks so much for visiting my site.

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