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Hex Red Large Irish Linen Pouch

Hex Red Large Irish Linen Pouch

£30.00 Regular Price
£18.00Sale Price

Wash Bag, pouch, make up bag, soap bag, toilet bag, call it what you will, it is designed to hold your things, what those things are is entirely up to you. There will be trips and journeys and you'll be on them and need something to hold your stuff, these are irish linen, strong and colourful and if they went on holidays to faraway places i'd be delighted! Woven in Co Down this linen is a beautiful weight and weave. Select your preferred linen base colour, pink or blue - the print colour on the pink is a light 'denim' blue and the print colour on the blue linen is a 'burnt orange'. They measure 12 x 8 inches / 30 x 20 cms. The zip colour choice is below. These colourways and zip combos will never be repeated so if you fancy one get it now, this is all there is. 

  • Linen Pouch Care Instructions

    These pouches are made using Loom-state linen. That means it is not prewashed and may shrink when washed. 

    It also means we are able to make beautifully structured pieces and think it unlikely you will need to wash it often - so we advise you try spot cleaning first, if no good you can hand wash in lukewarn water with a detergent but you should avoid any detergent with bleaching agents. 

    DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. dry on a line or radiator. 

    Iron the piece to resume its structure, you can use a starching spray if you want to create less potential for creasing. 

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