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Everything Bag - Irish Linen Hold All

Everything Bag - Irish Linen Hold All


This is a pre-order option - the Everything Bag is made to order (3-4 week wait).


Irish Linen woven in Co Derry at Flax Mills Textiles, screenprinted and stitched in Belfast, this fully lined bag is designed to be a strong, lifelong carrier of whatever you need for wherever you are going.


Placed branding is embroidered into the print in neon pink, the linen is a medium grey and the print is in white and black - every bag will vary as the positioning of the printed design is created freestyle by me - the branding, structure and colour palette remain the same (except the handle colour which you choose, see below).


I buy my linen loom-state and as it is likely you will wash your bag from time to time I will prewash and print it before we sew it up - this means it will not suffer shrinkage when you wash it.


The bag measures 60 x 42 cms, the cotton twill handles are stitched all the way around the bag, it has a generous deep gusset bottom and the handles are a perfect length and width for comfortable shoulder carrying.


Choose your handle colour - Yellow, Black or Green. These bags are made to order there is a 3 week turnaround time, if we can do it faster we will. The bags are fully lined,

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