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Everything Bag Criss Cross

Everything Bag Criss Cross


The Everything Irish Linen Bag is made to order -PRE-ORDERS NOW FULL!  * The only pieces left are the sample two pieces - at slightly reduced price as I refined the zip insert a little after these were made in the first instance.


(The yellow linen is finished - no more available in the yellow).


Irish Linen woven in Co Derry at Flax Mills Textiles, screenprinted and stitched in Belfast, this fully lined bag is designed to be a strong, lifelong carrier of whatever you need for wherever you are going. We have significantly elevated this design by adding a zip - the bag takes longer to make than last seasons design, but its functionality has increased dramatically and made all the extra time spent feel very worthwhile. YKK zips are on our wavelength with sustainability and earth friendly practices - we are happy to use their zips in all of our designs.


Placed branding is embroidered into the print in a bright contrasting colour on the outside. Inside the bag the irish linen lining carries both our  placed brand and the marque of genuine irish woven linen. This linen was all woven in Co Derry at the Flax Mills textiles mill prior to its recent location move. Every bag will vary somewhat as the positioning of the printed design is created freestyle by me. These images show this seasons criss cross design, the actual placement of each part of the design will vary as each print is pulled is one by one. I work freestyle, hand printing each impression - no two pieces are same. You can see how the design vary's across these three featured pictures. 


I buy my linen loom-state and as it is likely you will wash your bag from time to time, I prewash and print it before we sew it up - this means it should not suffer shrinkage when/if you wash it.


The bag is BIG measures approximately 60 x 42 cms, the cotton twill handles are stitched all the way around the bag, it has a generous deep gusset bottom, the handles are a perfect length and width for comfortable shoulder carrying.


All bags and pouches feature a strong YKK zipper at the top and are fully lined in irish linen - the bag is 100% irish linen inside and out. These bags are sturdy and strong, tested and proven to hold up to 20 kg! Irish linen is such a fantastic textile, these bags are multipurpose and will last a lifetime if well looked after. Wash in the machine or hand wash - please do not tumble dry - hang on the line to dry and iron afterwards with a hot iron to resume a crisp, sharp look.

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