Place has been an area of interest for me for many years. Beginning with homesickness and thoughts about belonging, home, surroundings and familiarity, then further compounded by seeing the Mark Strand poem Keeping Things Whole, on a New York subway in 1997. My very first exhibition as an artist was in the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh in 2001 featuring panels exploring the Strand poem and the associated idea of positive and negative human space. My interest has continued and become more channelled towards artists and their relationship with place, how much it influences their work, by how far a radius, real places and imagined places, the link between. I have produced one academic study on place within the MA I recently completed at Queens University Belfast. It is my hope I can further this research and build a body of work on irish artists and their relationships with place in the coming years. I am through my job as a partner within our landscape architecture practice, also an affiliated member of the Landscape Research Group and hope to work closely with them to publish my existing research and further my practice in this area.